Best Places to Travel During Covid

best places to visit during covid

For some people, travelling is a must. And we encourage it as well! Don’t let anything stop you. With the outbreak of COVID, people have become quite cautious when travelling. To avoid getting sick, the 3 best places to travel during COVID are: Chile Rwanda Uruguay These countries are on the green list. Here’s why … Read more

Best Places to Travel in Europe 2023

Best Places to Travel in Europe 2023

With the Covid-19 Quarantine finally being over all over the world, people are finally setting out on vacations after the long two-year gap. With Europe being amongst the top attractions, we will suggest the best places for you to travel in Europe for 2023.   The best places to travel in Europe are: Ireland Italy … Read more

London Bridge Attractions 2022-2023

London Bridge (5)

The London bridge includes several bridges on the river Thames between Southwark and the city of London. Out of these bridges that stands between the city is the Box girder bridge, made of steel and concrete, which stands at the western end of the pool of London. This bridge has replaced a 19th-century stone arched bridge … Read more