Aqua Asia Club Rotterdam – The Ultimate Guide

Aqua Asia Club Rotterdam – The Ultimate Guide

October 24, 2022 Off By team wefoundworld

Rotterdam is a European city and it has actually become the top summer break destination because there are rivers and never-ending tourist attractions available. In simpler words, people coming to Rotterdam won’t regret their decision and what we love about this city is that there is something for everyone. Be it, people who like nature or someone who wants a vibrant everything, Rotterdam has unique places to cater to everyone coming to the city.

On the other hand, coming to a new city often creates issues related to eating, which is why we are talking about Aqua Asia Club, which is a well-known restaurant in the city. So, with this article, we are sharing everything you need to know about this restaurant!

Aqua Asia Rotterdam restaurantThe Brief

As the name suggests, this restaurant is a promising place for people who want to have a fine dining experience while filling their mouths with true Asian flavors. The restaurant is based on the fine dining experience and you can enjoy Asian as well as Japanese food and wine. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the restaurant has a top-notch catering concept as there is a restaurant as well as a lounge area.

The lounge area is apt for people who want to slow down and relax. In addition, the lounge area is perfect if you want to meet someone (yes, it’s fine for business meetings as well). As far as the restaurant is concerned, they serve lunch and dinner. To visit this place, you have to make a reservation – the reservations can be made through an online form on the website or through email and call.

Keep in mind that reservations are important for lunch, dinner, high wine, and drinks, so always call in advance. Last but not least, their timings are different every day, so it’s recommended that you recheck the timing at the time of reservation.

Aqua Asia Rotterdam Aqua Asia RotterdamQuality & Atmosphere

Aqua Asia Club is one of the best places for people who want a fine dining experience and it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the restaurant has fulfilled its promise. Be it the restaurant area or the lounge area, both of them have a modern interior and complement the vibe of the place. They have chosen a blue and brown theme that looks premium and creates a warm vibe.

When it comes down to quality, there are some specials available, including Wagyu Niku, Alaska King Crab Peefong Style, Ise Ebi Teppan Yaki, and Shite Birame Yaki. In addition, there are some appetizers available, such as gyoza, sushi, prawn spring rolls, and tempura. Not to forget, you can order four-course, five-course, and six-course meals but remember that all of them are a chef’s choice.


On top of everything, there is a lounge area available on the second floor that offers the most mesmerizing views of the Maas and Erasmus Bridge. In addition, there are private dining rooms available for parties, corporate events, business meetings, and intimate weddings!