Some Interesting Facts About Ashford Castle

Some Interesting Facts About Ashford Castle

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The history of Ashford Castle contains in itself the story of ages. This article does not intend to bore the readers with its long history instead it provides some very interesting facts that you might not know. The castle was built a long time ago and with the passage of time it was converted into a hotel. Since then it has been serving people. With time its popularity is increasing. Let us look at some interesting facts that we have been gathered in order to enlighten you.Ashford Castle (5)

Some interesting facts about Ashford Castle:

  • Its mysterious outlook:

The hotel in Ashford Castle presents a mysterious outlook and does not allow the people to enter the premises. The owner of the hotel has installed electric wires to keep the unwanted people out. So people can only imagine its interior. This was considered to be rude. The electric wires could prove to be fatal and this is the reason that the locals went on protest.Ashford Castle (7)

Ashford Castle fountain

  • People did not observe silence:

This act of the owner was not received with open arms and there was a protest. Around 150 people gathered around the place and protested his act. This matter was brought to the High Court. The owner of the hotel did not receive the appreciation and within few months, the hotel went bankrupt as the result of his decision. This was bound to happen as the decision was illogical.

  • The owner has no authority over the land:

This may come as a surprise to you but it is true. The land on which this castle was built belonged to the local public and this is the reason that people went on protest. The owner cannot take away the rights from these people. This was mainly the reason of the protest that was met with fair judgment.Ashford Castle (6)

Ashford Castle inside view

  • A place for scholars:

Oscar Wilde’s father, Sir William Wilde, who himself was a doctor and traveler stayed around this castle for some time. So this place serves as a reminder of this renowned scholar. Not only this but many famous actors like Brad Pitt, Ted Kennedy and King George V were also seen living around the castle.

So if you have not visited this great Ashford Castle the trip to Ireland is incomplete. You must visit the place and make sure that you have explored it. It stores in itself old history and with the visit you can revive the past.

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