Best Places to Travel During Covid

Best Places to Travel During Covid

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For some people, travelling is a must. And we encourage it as well! Don’t let anything stop you. With the outbreak of COVID, people have become quite cautious when travelling. To avoid getting sick, the 3 best places to travel during COVID are:

  • Chile

  • Rwanda

  • Uruguay

These countries are on the green list. Here’s why you should visit them.

chileChile Travel Advice

Chile is a place of contrast with the dramatic landscapes of the Atacama Desert, the driest desert in the world.

More details can be on the official Chile advisory Website. Has a lot of amazing places to visit like, the Patagonian Ice Fields, forests like in the old times, temperamental volcanoes, and unspoiled beaches, these places are all wonders themselves. The country has been stated as the world’s longest country having a width of 175 KM.

Going southern America, Chile is situated with very hospitable citizens mixed with different cultures. The white-collar Santiago society, Alpaca Herders, and the Patagonian.

Must-see attractions include the Valle de la Luna for its desolate moonscape, the vast Atacama Desert and its rust-coloured surrounds, the striking Atacama salt flat where Andean flamingos are silhouetted against a limitless skyline, sophisticated Santiago and its cosmopolitan atmosphere, the thriving Chilean wine country, and mysterious Easter Island.

What are the best places to visit in Chile | why visit chileWhat are the best places to visit in Chile:

Why Visit Chile?

  • Amazing and Wonderful landscapes, from icy glaciers, deserts, lakes, and beautiful long pacific coasts and beaches, to mountains, dense rainforests, and emerald deltas and lakes
  • The Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on the face of Earth
  • Diverse wildlife, such as the Andean flamingo, condor, Humboldt and Magellan penguin, guiña (Jaguar like cats but smaller in size) and colocolo wildcats, puma, as well as four species of camelid (llama, alpaca, guanaco, and vicuña)
  • An adventure enthusiast’s playground, with skiing, trekking, rafting, fly-fishing, horseback riding, scuba diving, surfing, and birdwatching
  • Vibrant, hospitable cultures displaying age-old customs and traditional attire
  • International cuisine paired with world-class Chilean wines
  • The mystery and intrigue of Easter Island, a remote volcanic island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean

Chile weather summer & winterChile Climate By Month:

Chile Weather In Summer (November – February)

Average day time temperature 20°C/68°F (peaks at 34°C/93°F)

Chile Weather In Winter Winter (May-August)

The average daytime temperature is 8°C/46°F


Rwanda | Rwanda Travel GuideRwanda:

Rwanda Travel Guide:

Rwanda is known as the land of a thousand hills. It is blessed with extraordinary biodiversity, with incredible wildlife living throughout its volcanoes, montane rainforest, and sweeping plains. With very hospital and warm welcoming people. Portrays their costume and culture in such a unique way that admires the tourists.

More information about travel advisory can be found on state website.

According to the WEF (World Economic Forum), Rwanda is said to be the ninth-safest place and country and the safest country in the whole of Africa. It has the lowest crime rate in any of the African countries. Except for it, locals and Tourists can move freely or go anywhere if it’s dark, there is nothing to be afraid of.

The prime location that is the whole purpose of the attractions is Volcanoes National Park, where visitors can meet up with gorillas, golden monkeys, and other primates. By following the rules of the UN, Rwanda made a big share of Africa’s environmental stabilities so don’t pack any plastic bags, they are extremely prohibited and banned in Rwanda.

Rwanda is an incredible multicultural and multilingual country, where people can speak English, French, and some Kinyarwanda.

The best part of traveling to Rwanda is that its tour can be adjusted to your budget no matter if it is low or high. There are many Hotels and places where you spend your night for 600€ to 790€ per person for the night. But there are also places where you need only 5€ to 10€ per person to sleep for a night. Isn’t that amazing? These Tourist activities make it expensive sometimes it’s all up to you how you want to visit Rwanda.

Best places to visit in Rwanda | Why travel to RwandaBest places to visit in Rwanda:

Why Travel To Rwanda?

 Here are some of the best reasons why everyone should visit Rwanda for one time in life.

  • The Captivating Mountain Gorillas of Rwanda
  • Walk In the Footsteps of Famed Primatologist Dian Fossey
  • World-Class Hiking & Trekking
  • Primates, Primates, & More Primates!
  • Kigali: The Heartbeat of Modern Rwanda
  • The Cultural People of Rwanda
  • Rising From the Past
  • Unique & Unforgettable Beach Escape
  • Central–East Africa’s Renewed Safari Destination
  • Birding Paradise

Best places to visit in Uruguay |  Travel Destinations in Uruguay



 Uruguay is a small country with borders against Argentina and Brazil, Uruguay was civilized and formed by the Spanish and Portuguese in the late 17th century. A lot later than neighboring countries. Although the country was originally inhabited by the Charrua people, little of the native indigenous culture survives today. Uruguay did adopt several traditions and celebrations connected to African heritage, a result of the presence of African slaves in the country in the 19th century, especially evident during the celebration of the Carnival at the beginning of the year.

Uruguay has much to offer its visitor in the form of great cuisine, unexpected traditions, and nature to explore and discover. Here are some places people should visit once if they visit Uruguay.

For More information about travel Uruguay advisory.

Best places to visit in Uruguay &  Travel Destinations:

Explore Montevideo

Uruguay’s capital city is Eclectic. Neoclassic and colonial architecture. Most common public buildings have been made up of almost 30 different types and colours of marble like the Tango Museum of Montevideo and the legislative Palace, you will experience a good combination and representation of the look when walking on the street of Montevideo.

The oldest part of this city is Ciudad Vieja, which holds several landmarks, including the Citadel Gate (This gate was used earlier when there was a wall that surround the city to guard the city) and the green square Plaza Independencia.


Uruguay sun bath


Sunbathe and Swim at the Many Beaches of Uruguay

The Coastline of Uruguay had not come with palm trees, traditional beaches sand, or that turquoise water, but still, this small country has a lot more to show to its visitors like the pristine coastal locations for the wonderful sun bath, with plenty of hotels, resorts and boating areas.

Costa de Oro (Golden Coast) is the longest stretch of beach in the country, covering over 45 kilometers of wide sandbanks.

Colonia del SacramentoDiscover the Past in Colonia del Sacramento | Uruguay

Colonia, a small city is also one of the oldest in Uruguay. Colonia’s Barrio Historico is the town’s main place for attraction.

The ruins of the bullring Real de San Carlos (abandoned since bullfighting was banned in Uruguay in 1912) theirs a Light House near that bullring is considered a landmark in this city.

Uruguay - South American BBQTry a South American BBQ – Uruguay

Parrillas (Steakhouses) are like a haven for meat lovers. Asado is the most classic dish of Uruguay’s people. It is like an open-fire BBQ that is more of a social gathering than just a meal. In Asado beef and chicken are the main choices with non-marinated meat.


Hike in Punta del DiabloHike in Punta del Diablo

Almost every village in Uruguay has a population of about 1,000 residents, but Puta del Diablo is up to 25,000 residents during the season when tourist turn their faces toward it, mainly from December to February. This is the area of pleasant sand on the Atlantic coast.

In the early morning walking on the soft and warm sand is the favorite activity here, but more adventurous explorers make their way to Santa Teresa National Park while leaving the town, a forested seaside reserve, scenery to an 18th-century granite masonry fortress, a large campground, several protected species, and several beaches, such as Playa del Barco and Playa Achiras, where people can easily get a chance to surf in the sea as well as windsurfing.


Uruguay Hot SpringsRelax in Hot Springs

Hot springs are commonly named here as Termas. These are the most popular areas among the people of Uruguay and tourists as well. While Arapey is the oldest spa resort in this town. It’s a natural warm water spring of about 39 degrees Celsius of temperature. One of the best things is that it offers to swim in cooler and more comfortable waters anytime you want.

If anyone wants to experience these fabulous waters here are some names.

  • Dayman hot springs
  • Uruguay’s first water park, Acuamania


Explore Historical Sights

Uruguay is discovered by the Europeans in 1516 so it’s a relatively new country. And in 1726 Montevideo was discovered. So mostly the historical places here are limited to fortresses and towers.


Fortress de Santa TeresaFortress de Santa Teresa

Fortress General ArtigasFortress General Artigas

Fuerte San MiguelFuerte San Miguel


So. To conclude, there is still a lot to see! Yes, with the virus outbreak as well. By travelling to these places, one can be safe and have a great time as well. Happy travelling guys!