Best Places to Travel in Europe 2023

Best Places to Travel in Europe 2023

August 25, 2022 Off By team wefoundworld

With the Covid-19 Quarantine finally being over all over the world, people are finally setting out on vacations after the long two-year gap. With Europe being amongst the top attractions, we will suggest the best places for you to travel in Europe for 2023.


The best places to travel in Europe are:

  • Ireland

  • Italy

  • Greece


Now, you may ask what makes these places the best to travel. Let us start with the first one.



Ireland is one of the top destinations for 2023 according to Tourist Guides. Ireland takes a sightseeing route through London but if you take a direct flight to Ireland then there will be no issue at all.


Ireland Landscapes

Whenever the name Ireland comes into mind, it may form an image of green rolling hills and rugged seaside cliffs and the amazing natural rock formatted hills. On which you can hike and observe nature very closely, the Wicklow and McGillycuddy are the best places for hikers from where we can see the charisma of the Atlantic Ocean.


The Laugh Erne and Laugh Leanne are the best places for nature lovers. Where we can sail or walk along with it, It’s a beautiful palace to admire the true beauty of calm and peaceful water and the atmosphere is so calm and relaxing.

In Northern Ireland, everyone must have to visit the spectacular Glens of Antrim along the way to the causeway coast, you should also take a little stop at the Carrick-A-Rede rope bridge, It’s just a bridge between two beautiful hills lavish with greenery. Beneath this bridge crystal blue water passes and the wind feels so calm and cool.


Ireland Beautiful and Historical CastlesBeautiful and Ireland Castles History

In the past, during the era of the Vikings, there are estimated 30,000 castles were ruined in the fights these ruined castles have beauty of their own some of the best castles people should visit are, Blarney Castle, Dunluce Castle, Ross Castle, and the most importantly the Dublin Castle which is now under government from where you can learn more about the Irish History.


Ireland Lively CitiesIreland Lively Cities And Towns

Dublin should be the starting point of your trip to Ireland, a mix of modern and historic architecture. It is full of attractions like the Guinness Storehouse and St Patrick’s Cathedral.

In the west, Galway. This laid-back city has a thriving music and food culture. In the south, Cork, the second-largest city and the cultural hub of the Irish

In Northern Ireland, the most historic city is Belfast, where you can learn more about Northern Irish history.

And last but not least,

The Irish Delicious Food.

Boxty is one of the delicious in this area known as Irish Soda Bread. In some areas like in small fishing villages people who are visiting these places recommend ordering some seafood. These are so rich in taste and mostly they give you these with some natural sauces and maximize the taste.



Located in South-Central Europe, Italy houses the most landmark arts and ancient sites. With a Mediterranean climate and having mild rainy winters and usually hot-dry summers, Italy is definitely the place you want to visit in 2023. In this account, I am going to answer all your whats and why’s.


Why You Should Visit Italy?

Ever heard of Rome or Venice? No? Well, maybe you have heard of Espresso or Risotto? Spot on!  Italy is known for its richness in history and archaic world and cities like Rome, Sicily,  Osita and Tivoli are the places that might interest you in this regard. Italy’s food has fans all around the world with names like Italian Pizza, Spaghetti, pasta, and lasagna popping all around us and we love them! So why not visit the place where they originated and have the taste of this heritage?


The capital of Italy, Rome, homes the world-famous Colosseum or coliseum which was once the epicenter of entertainment for Roman Nobles. The place could seat over 50000 spectators, all gawking at the Gladiators pinned down in breathtaking fights. Sitting in those stands and walking in those galleries you can still imagine all the excitement, thrill, and adrenaline of the fights that took place in those times.

Is The Colosseum In Rome Free?

Free entry is not available. A standard admission ticket includes access to the Colosseum, Roman Forum, and Palatine Hill. As part of your guided tour, you can also visit the Forum. You can find ticket information here.



Pompeii Rome Day Trip

Pompeii is another ancient site that you just can’t miss. A city belonging to roman times, that was preserved by time for the people of modern ages to be amazed at. A catastrophic eruption of Mount Vesuvius caused the ash to envelop the city taking a piece out of the Roman Empire and freezing it in time. Take a walk in this open-air museum and you can still have an insight into the past, you can still see how life was thriving in this city lost to time.


Vatican City

Vatican City Tourist Attractions

One of the holiest states of the world. If you happen to be in Rome then take a trip further to the city of Pope, and witness the exhilarating archaic sites. Pay the Vatican Palace and Sistine chapel a visit when you’re at it.


Roman Forum & Domus Aurea

Domus Aurea Rome Italy

Lingering in Rome, you just can’t have enough of the past. Two other closely located sites in Rome include Roman Forum and Domus Aurea. Roman Forum consists of many ruined Temples and Monuments. Domus Aurea, which translates to Golden Dome, shows how the emperor wanted to redesign Rome in a Greek Style after the great fire.


Grand Canal

Grand Canal Venezia

The Grand Canal of Venice city attracts a lot of tourists from all around the world. When you visit Venice don’t forget to ride on the beautiful Gondolas and vaporettos. Travelling through this romantic city while looking at the beautiful homes and small bridges, the site gets you every time.

There are many other places that make a visit to Italy worthwhile. If you plan on taking a tour then make sure that you have enough time to take it all in.


Italian Cuisine

Italian Cuisine In Italy

As mentioned earlier, Italian food is a must-have. Let me walk you through a few of the dishes. Espresso, Italians are truly obsessed with it and you should be too! Rissoto, rice with cheese can be many ways. Who can forget the great Italian Pizza? topped with Basils, tomato sauce, and mozzarella cheese, you can’t crave anything better. Italian lasagna is top-notch! Gnocchi is another Italian dish that is made from potato dough. Don’t forget to try Gelato, an Italian dessert which you can eat wherever and whenever. Other dishes include Ribollita, bagna cauda, Focaccia and Arancini.



Located in southeastern Europe, Greek is a well-known country, especially because of its Greek philosophers. The place from where the whole western civilization began, Greece is not only ancient but also has a beautiful landscape. Homing around 18 heritage sites, this mountainous country is waiting for you to pay a visit. Let’s explore the why’s a bit more.

Greece Landscapes

Ancient Greece Scenery

Mountains, forests, seas, lakes, beaches, and coastlines, can it get any more beautiful? Greece has a coastline of around 8498 mi and is based on 6000 islands!. Greece has every kind of beach, sand, rocks, and pebbles, you name it and Greece has it. If you like all of these and want to marvel at nature then put Santorini, Cephalonia, Nisyros, Vikos Gorge, and Oia Places-to-visit checklist. The Bluewater and sky, the green forests, the pale sand, and the yellow sunshine is all for you to take in.

Greece Archaeological sites

Dion Greece Archaeological Site

If you’re into archaic sites then Greece is your paradise. Greece’s richness in history is amazing. Some places that you must see during your tour include

Greece The Acropolis, Athens

The Acropolis Athens History

You’ll always find it on top of every list in Greece. Known because of the structure Parthenon, Acropolis is located on a hill that overlooks the great city of Athens, named after the Greek goddess.


Delphi Greece Ruins

Located in central Greece, Delphi is considered among the most charming archeological sites in world.

The Temple of Apollo Epikourios, Bassae

What Is The Temple Of Apollo Epikourios, Bassae

Created 2500 years ago, the structure is well-preserved despite its long age. It is an ancient temple that is situated in northeastern Messenia, in a town called Oichalia.



Delos Greece History

An ancient site that in greek mythology marks the birth of Apollo and Artemis, the twins. Located near the shores of Mykonos, this site is a must-see.

Olympia, PeloponneseOlympia, Peloponnese

Homing many statues, altars, and structures, Olympia is situated on the Peloponnesian peninsula. The site is vast with many things to explore so make sure that you have enough time to see everything.


There are many places in Greece that needs attention when it comes to tour planning and mentioning them all would take a lot of time and space, so bottom line is that Greece has a lot to offer, make sure you give it a chance when deciding for a place to visit.


Mouth-Watering Food Of GreeceMouth-Watering Ancient Greece Food, Culture

With Moussake, Papoutsakia, and Pastitsio on the table, you just can’t say no. Greece has a wide variety of food to offer. With the right amount of money in your pocket, from the right restaurant, and with the right taste, Greece food can make a gastronome crave more. If you happen to be eating at a greek restaurant then don’t forget to try Greece’s seafood, you won’t regret it, believe me!


Climate GreeceClimate of Greece

Greece is one of the sunniest places on earth with more than 300 days of sunshine. It has mild rainy winters and Hot, sunny summers, which makes it ideal for beach lovers. Places like Athens have mild winters, letting you enjoy the city, while it snows in the northern parts. Winters also experience winds. Springs are known to be less rainy and pleasant. Summers welcome showers and thunderstorms at times in the afternoon. Autumns are not that different from summers and the temperature remains mild.


These are the three top-most best places to travel in Europe in 2023, but I promise you, they aren’t the last. Europe is rich in tourist attractions and is the spot place for you and your family to go on your vacation.