Big Ben London Travel Guide, How tall is Big Ben?

Big Ben London Travel Guide, How tall is Big Ben?

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Big Ben Facts:-

Big Ben is actually a short name given to The Parliament House and Elizabeth Tower located in city of London. The proper location of Big Ben is stated as the bell located at the north end of the Palace of Westminster London UK.

Big Ben History:-

The Big Ben is one of the most attractive and iconic landmarks in the history of London. It was officially named as the Elizabeth Tower in 2012 in the honor of Queen Elizabeth the II’s diamond jubilee.

How long it took to construct Big Ben?

The creation of big ben goes as far as in 1843, it took 13 years to complete it.

How tall is Big Ben?

The total height of the tower is 96 meter respectively. The spire inside the tower is build with the iron frame which is the reason to support the weights of the bells. Inside of the tower is filled with staircases, it also constituent with many small rooms as well as a small prison cell.How tall is Big BenBig Ben London

Big Ben London travel guide:

When someone decides to have a tour of great city of London then one of the most prominent names that come to mind is The Big Ben. London is a city of great hustle and bustle and one must know the travelling plan to reach his destination on time and also without facing any traffic. This article can guide you about reaching the Big Ben in time and without must difficulty.How tall is Big Ben facts

  • Underground stations:

You can take Westminster Tube Station that can take you to the Big Ben in two minutes. If you are near the St James’s Park Tube Station then it can take you to the Big Ben in eight minutes. Embankment Underground Station can take you to Big Ben in ten minutes.Big Ben (2)

  • Mainline Stations:

Charing Cross Railway Station is the nearest station to Big Ben and it can take you to your destination in ten minutes. Victoria Railway Station on the other hand takes more time. If you take this train then you will reach in eighteen minutes. Black friars Railway Station is twenty four minutes away from Big Ben. So if you are near these stations then you must take the train so that you can reach in minimum time. You can also walk to the Big Ben if it is near to your place.

So if you are in London then visit to the Big Ben is a must. You can either walk to the Big Ben or you can take the trains in order to reach safely.

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