How to Get to Petra Jordan

How to Get to Petra Jordan

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Petra Jordan stores in itself a history that is interesting. Petra was the capital of the Nabataenan Kingdom. With the passage of time it became the center of trade and business. It continued to make progress but the disastrous earthquake destroyed the buildings and now it lies in ruins. It can be a great site to visit. There are a number of ways by which you can reach the site. A number of tourists come to this place every year and enjoy the beauty that is still left in this place.  This article guides you about reaching Petra Jordan.Petra Jordan (2)

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  • You can travel on foot:

If you are staying at the hotel in the town of Petra, Jordan then you can reach the site in twenty minutes. It is just twenty minutes away. You can walk to the site and enjoy the scenery that comes your way to your destination.

  • You can travel by bus:

If you are alone on this trip without any guide then you can travel by bus. You can travel on the Jett bus from Amman to Petra. With this you will be able to reach the right place. It costs about 20 JD per person. It gives you the full round trip of the site and with this you can see the ruins. The timings of the bus are strictly followed. If you want to travel by bus then you must be there till 6. The bus leaves at 6:30 from Amman. So do not miss it and be on time.

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  • You can rent a car:

If you want to rent the car then it might not be a good idea. The traffic in Jordan is not easy to handle. The navigation maps often fail to help you in reaching the right destination. So you must make prior arrangements of traveling.

  • You can get a cab:

The taxis are available in Petra. It costs you 75 JD or even less. You can get a taxi from Amman to Petra. You can also have an option to be back on the same taxi. The driver can wait for you for six hours. You can also take a taxi from Aqaba to Petra and it might cost you JD 20-30 which is one way.

So with this you can easily reach the destination and enjoy your stay. You must visit this site.

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